We provide guarantees on Google Search and Baidu Search SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking and positive content SOV (Share of Voice) on the first page of search.

Our capabilities

Apply funding from Hong Kong government (BUD & EMF)

Company business registration in Hong Kong & China

ICP for China

Mobile / device usability

Loading speed

Site map & navigation

Program codes

Backlinks analysis

Keywords density check  

Keywords research

Related search research

Build keywords list

Suggestions on website architecture & server configuration 

Build & optimize internal links 

Robots file set-up

Title tags, meta tags, header tags

Sitemap, 404 page & footer links

Canonical issue check & update

Add Geo location tags & NAP code

Modify content with target keywords

Name photo & video files properly for search engine to crawl

Create new blog content

Business listing

Press release wiring

Brand content at Baidu platforms for China

Word-of-mouth and seedings


  • Official website ranks top 3 at the first page of search results for brand terms.
  • Brand content & positive news occupies the first page of search results.
  • Relevant images & videos are indexed.
  • Increase organic website traffic.
  • Enhance brand perception & build positive brand image.