Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Create and disseminate positive, soft-selling feeds and user generated content (UGC) via KOL, KOC and user accounts, so as to shape public opinion through influencers marketing.

Our capabilities

Account performance analysis

Followers analysis

Historic content quality check

Background check on potential risks and sensitivities

Social listening

Keywords research

Hot topics

KOL & KOC negotiation

Project coordination

Content creation

Live broadcast onsite and online management

Post-launch monitoring

Project coordination

Content marketing

Social media comments seeding

Marketplace review seeding

Performance report

Content report with posts/messages/content records

Data analysis

Insights and suggestions

Campaign setting adjustments


  • Enhance brand credibility.
  • Dilute undesired and negative comments.
  • Direct target audience to appropriate call-to-action channels.
  • Increase engagement such as likes, comments and shares.