Ocean Park Hong Kong – Let us all eat local!



Mission R is a newly established advocacy initiative of Ocean Park Corporation focusing on three main pillars, Saving Species and Habitats, Eat Local and Plastic Challenge. With the aim to spread the “Eat Local” message to the general public before Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner, we have less than one week for ideation and creative production given limited resources from the campaign videos and creatives.


A series of media placements were proposed and executed across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and local lifestyle media. We created social posts with enriched contents, creatives and videos in addition to ad placement for attracting more views and engagements. Campaign performance was closely monitored daily, the ad spending was especially concentrated from 3 days before CNY Eve across CNY holidays for optimization. To leverage on the popularity of the ambassador Joey Leung, we proposed different messages for him to share Ocean Park’s posts and interact at Comments. In this way to direct his fans to Ocean Park’s official social pages.  


2.5 million impressions were gained with 856K post engagement and views. Engagement rate reached 34% with almost zero engagement cost and cost per fans on Facebook and Instagram is extremely low. Video completion rate is high, around 60% visitors finished viewing the whole videos.