Most people don’t enjoy flying long haul and see it as a necessary annoyance to be endured before their holiday can start. But Air New Zealand makes travelers look forward to an inflight experience that relaxation can actually start on board. We were tasked to increase brand awareness, enhance consideration and drive social engagement. 


‘A better way to fly’ was created as an overarching positioning, it allows Air New Zealand to have a distinctive point of difference that can stretch from the rational (comfort/space) to the emotional (service/experience). 

To demonstrate Air New Zealand’s competitive advantages which enable customers to fly better and enjoy their trips to full, we designed and developed a web game ‘A better journey begins’ to promote New Zealand in an interactive way. Using the iconic “Pete the Kiwi” as the main character, to collect coins while visiting famous scenic spots in New Zealand and answer the questions to win the quest to get air tickets. 

Localizing the big ideas from the global campaign, we created a series of brand videos to promote New Zealand destinations, the great food and wine, more entertainment and comfort as well as genuinely warm and friendly Kiwi inflight service. We were responsible for head-to-toe production including script writing, talent sourcing, video shooting, voice over recording, SFX and post-production. 

Substantiated with Facebook wall games and Facebook ads, the campaign hit a big success on social awareness and engagement.


The game successfully drew 800+ participants in one month, also gained 12,000+ Facebook engagement and 3,500 new followers as well as collected 3,000+ e-newsletter subscriptions. Unprompted awareness of Air New Zealand reached 46% and consideration of flying to New Zealand enhanced by 34% in a brand recall survey done by Air New Zealand.