Air New Zealand – I miss New Zealand!



Engagement on airlines’ social pages has drastically dropped during the pandemic lock-down. With minimal digital marketing spend, our task was to find a cost-efficient way to promote Air New Zealand and New Zealand’s authentic hospitality that would connect and touch people’s hearts with a sense of kiwi humor.


Apart from day-to-day social maintenance and regular social content we were working on, we created a social activation campaign aimed to remind fans about the beauty of New Zealand, recall their memories among those who had visited New Zealand and attract attention among the locals who have strong craving for travel especially to New Zealand.

Interesting photos and videos worth Like and Share. It was a simple Facebook wall game with a strong call-to-action message, tagged on netizens’ usual way of sharing, creative game posts were designed to recruit stunning pictures taken from New Zealand.


Almost zero-cost on clicks and engagement, achieved 18% engagement rate with boosting whilst 6% engagement rate on organic posts. Successfully attained 8% CTR on link ads driving air ticket sales. And has sustained Facebook followers growth for Taiwan despite COVID lock-down.