Ocean Park Hong Kong – A World-class Edutainment Resort 



While managing 4 Chinese social media platforms including Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), WeChat, Weibo and Douyin, content direction and creative execution across different media platforms requires much difference to catch the audience’s eyeballs and at the same time facing competition among the amusement parks in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


Make content fun and interesting, also bring “rocket-science” animal and conservation education content closer to the audience, at the same time soft-selling Ocean Park’s competitive advantages. Hot topics and talk-of-the-town were incorporated into the content ideas in a novel way. 


We hit more than 70,000 views, 1,000 engagements and 2,000 new followers in one day after launching one of the most engaging post. Also attracted over 9,000 new followers on DouYin, almost doubling the number of followers in the previous month.